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I started in visual design, switched to UX, and now manage both.
I'm passionate about helping others, from growing those on my team to global impact through fair trade, disaster relief, and equity movements.

Individual work

Here are some projects I did back when I was an individual contributor,
before I switched to full-time management:

Leadership style

Over the years, I've managed 25 people,
including 12 that I hired and one who returned to work for me a second time.
I have promoted 3 people and mentored countless others.

My leadership style can be best described as servant leadership.

Some of the pillars of my style include:
• Lead with empathy
• Drive inclusion
• Remove blockers
• Value transparency & trust
• Understand individual needs
• Encourage
• Provide fair & timely feedback
• Organize chaos
• Share clear expectations

Leadership positions

Below are examples of leadership positions I've held.
To see a complete list of all my experiences, visit my profile on LinkedIn >

Jan 2020 - Present

UX Manager, Delivery Experience, Amazon

I am head of UX design, user research, and visual design for all the touchpoints where customers learn about their delivery options as they shop, worldwide. I've hired 6, simplified the intake process, added team syncs for peer reviews, and started social events. All work is still under NDA, so I can't share any here.

2014 - Present

Speaker, prior founder & lead,
Peculiar UX, Amazon

As a founding member and lead, I have played a major role in the Amazon-wide onboarding training for members of the UX community. I was also the single-threaded leader for 2016 over this volunteer group.

2012 - Present


I mentor other designers at Amazon, as well as high school girls at Girls Who Code Summer Immersion and professionals switching careers to UX at School of Visual Concepts.

Aug 2017 - Jan 2020

UX & Visual Design Manager,
Gift Cards & Incentives, Amazon

I was the head of UX and visual design worldwide for Amazon Gift Cards, Amazon Incentives, Amazon Cash, Amazon Reload, Prime Reload, and Amazon Allowance. I hired 6 people, promoted 3 designers, redid the intake process, created mechanisms for innovation, and started fieldtrips. I also created best practice guidelines and did approvals for vendors.
See example UX project >
See example visual design project >

Jun 2014 - Jan 2015

Design Lead, Maya Traditions Foundation

As the design lead on an 8 month volunteer project, I drove design with a team that had never collaborated with a designer before.
See project >


Photography is a passion of mine. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Small monkey with a funny expression looking at his/her/their parents

Nagano, Japan | 2020

Snow Monkeys
Night shot of a view of NYC from The Top of the Rock at a slight angle

NYC, NY, USA | 2011

NYC Skyline
Red tulips shot from the ground at a slight angle

Skagit Valley, WA, USA | 2014

3 windows, 1 open

Jacmel, Haiti | 2013

Beaded change purses

Croix des Bouquets, Haiti | 2011

Two people shot from the back standing next to each other. In between them, you can see out over NYC.

NYC, NY, USA | 2011

Scenery of water crashing on a cliff

Ring of Kerry, Ireland | 2019

Baby feet is the primary focus, being held by her father's hand. Her parents' wedding rings hang off of her toes.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA | 2015

Their Bundle of Joy
A Budha statue head peaks out from between roots that have grown around it.

Ayutthaya, Thailand | 2013



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